Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad

You know how when you were a kid and you thought your parents were unreasonable? How "they just didn't know"? How when you wanted to do something really stupid (but can't see that it's stupid at the time) and they tell you "NO!" so then you end up standing in the kitchen screaming at each other till your both in tears and just wanna run away?!
And then when you had kids all of the sudden you got it! You had you "Ah-Ha" moments?!
Well Thanks!
Thank you for being you!
Thank you for being awesome! 
Thank you for having the clarity of mind to see when I was doing something stupid and the being willing to stand up and say "NO!". 
Thank you for allowing me to express myself, no matter how....odd it may have been!
Thank you for looking the other way when I went to school dressed lookin like I was color, pattern, and fashion blind.
Thank you for taking me shopping for new clothes when I finally realized how ridiculous I looked!
Thank you for teaching me that hair is an accessory, meant to be changed. And that no matter how horrendous the hair cut is...there is always something you can do to make it better.
Thank you for teaching me what it means to do what's best for your kids, no matter what!
Thank you for keeping me safe.
Thank you for being in tune with your kids to an extent where you can come bail them out of a really bad situation before they even know they need it!
Thank you for being so understanding when I screwed up, no matter how bad it was!
Thanks for giving us "Mental health days"
Thank you for helping us be well-rounded people.
Thank you for being in love, and not being afraid to show it in front of your kids!
Thank you for teaching us how to handle hard times. How to work out disagreements and how to forgive.
Most of all, Thank you for teaching us the Gospel. For allowing us to ask questions, and teaching us how find answers. For showing us by example what it means to live the gospel, and stand up for what you believe in!
Thank you for being the parents we needed the most! For always being there for us!
Thank you for being you. Thanks for being Awesome!!!

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